Condition Slide

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RNash 43

Pretty straight forward dudes and deeds deck, with the addition of some board control elements in the form of Conditions. Worldly Desires home and Randall make the deck very consistent, it is very possible to empty your hand every turn.

Possibilities for other builds: Adding Seamus McCaffrey for more cheap influence, he can effectively be 4 influence for the Sundown check if you can get dudes in five different locations safely. More Out of Town deeds would help with that plan.

Adding The Union Casino to combo with Walters Creek Distillery and Clementine Lepp. This is a good late game win condition, but it is easily stopped by your opponent camping on Union Casino with 3 influence. This is good for you, as it is 3 less influence they are using to control other deeds. This build opted for the Nicodemus Whateley + The Whateley Estate combination instead, as it is more explosive. I personally don't feel the need to play both combos, and couldn't find a good cut to squeeze The Union Casino in without removing some of the explosive potential of the deck.

Aug 24, 2016 tbowers13

Why not use Maza Gang Hideout instead of Whateley Estate? It'd save you 2 gr and make it easier to have the money to play both the deed and Nic in the same turn.

Aug 25, 2016 RNash

@tbowers13 Good question, I have two main reasons for running The Whateley Estate over Maza Gang Hideout. The first is that the Whateley Estate has control points, Maza Gang does not. The second is that Maza Gang Hideout doesn't affect card-based movement into the deed, where Whateley Estate does. Mustang, Shadow Walk, Mechanical Horse, etc. all get around the Maza Gang Hideout protection, but still get booted by Whateley Estate (so they can't call out Nic).

I'm taking this deck to an event this weekend, I'll keep that suggestion in mind as I play and let you know if there were any situations in which Maza Gang Hideout would have been better than The Whateley Estate. Thanks for commenting!

Aug 25, 2016 Prodigy

I like condition decks!

Question: 4 influence seems incredibly low for a slide deck - what are your thoughts behind having 3 non-influence dudes instead of some more influence dudes? Especially if Randall gets kidnapped or ambushed, you are looking at a rough time.

Aug 25, 2016 RNash

@Prodigy - That's a valid concern. It was mostly a meta choice, I was expecting more mandatory call outs (Bounty Hunter, Run 'Em Down!) than jobs, and so Willa Mae MacGowan seemed like the correct choice over additional influence. I would never go into a tournament situation without a strong grifter, and so Travis pretty much had to stay. The deck has enough cheap upkeep free influence that if you are expecting early Kidnappin' or similar, you can mulligan into additional turn 1 dudes very consistently. It will slow the deck down a turn or two, but getting hit with an early job is not a death sentence.

There were a few times at the last event I played it in when I was pretty sure my opponent was running early jobs that Willa Mae doesn't help with that I swapped her for Clementine Lepp, bumping starting influence up to 6. Clementine serves a similar role in being immune to call out based removal, but like you said, keeping Randall on the table is pretty helpful.

Aug 26, 2016 jaythejester

with all that increased upkeep, you might consider Backroom Deals. I do really like the concept of the deck.

Aug 26, 2016 RNash

@jaythejester Thanks! The core of it isn't mine, a friend of mine came up with it. Backroom Deals is certainly an interesting idea, but I don't know what good it would do. The deck can't really shoot, and doesn't have much that it can send people to do other than squat on opposing deeds. Backroom Deals might be good in a version of this deck that had a tighter structure, or some jobs or something to send the people you steal to go do.