All in judgement

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jaythejester 460

Jesters industries decided to try their take at a fun deck that starts swinging first turn and never lets up.
This deck seems to win hard and fast, or losses bitterly. Good for a quick fun game. If your opponent has a super tight draw structure, tons of shootout abilities, good shooters, and luck, your going to likely have a bad time. There's always risks when you go all in though. This deck only runs 7 cards out of suit, and starts first turn job with a 3 stud, a 2 stud, and 2 draw dudes. It includes several escapes if things turn south. Willa Mae MacGowan, The Law Goes Underground, and No Turning Back can keep a very bad hand giving you a loss. Again, fairly straight forward. Pick your opponents most important looking dude, and judge them. Your hoping that between your large number of stud cards, bullet buff and debuffs, you'll get a straight flush some time, and your opponent will draw up a hand that ends it for them. The Law Goes Underground is the big addition to this deck as you can discard the Gunslinger created by the judge to keep your posse from getting taken out by a bad hand.

Nov 14, 2016 alotoaxolotls2

Omg you actually did it.

Nov 14, 2016 jaythejester

Axolot is referring to a challenge I put up on octgn discord channel for crazy deck ideas. I was asked to make a deck that's only deed was Gomorra Jail.

Side note, Nightmare at Noon can be very good in this deck, but is situationally good, so I tightened up clubs and added some goods that might be very helpful if drawn into play hand.

Nov 21, 2016 twoeyedjack

Ah, judge rush. My bread and butter. :) I've been playing this type of deck for almost the entirety of Reloaded's run.