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mrbiofan12 2

Sep 08, 2017 Prodigy

Are you looking for feedback on this? I have some suggestions, if you are a new player looking for help with deck building. If so, let us know what your thoughts/strategies are with this deck so we can take it from there.

Sep 08, 2017 mrbiofan12

Sure, I can look for some improvements, but Im mostly only looking for base cards. Pm on Discord or chat to me here.

Sep 11, 2017 Prodigy

I saw in Discord you got some advice on specific card suggestions, and now that I know you are just going off the base cards your card choices seem pretty solid.

My only advice would be to increase your starting posse to at least another dude. Starting with 5 dudes is always ideal, but harder with just the base set. You could add Ramiro Mendoza if you want to be able to bring immediate aggression, or Androcles Brocklehurst if you want to buy some time to build up (and once you get a deed, either you get at least 1 ghost rock from the opponents dude sitting on it, or you get its income, so Androcles often pays for himself if you have a deed).

As far as the draw structure, it is a little on the weak side with 16 x2 values, so either you will need a higher stud rating going into a fight, or you will need to have played out your non-Aces and non-Jacks onto the table to strengthen the structure left in your deck. This also means you will be cheatin' less, so having some cheatin' punishment will help a lot.

You want to make the opponent have a hard time choosing between a cheatin 4 of a kind, or a legal 3 of a kind. Tommy and Six-Shooters will certainly help here, but it would be good to have some extra cheatin' punishment in clubs to back them up. A savvy opponent will eventually see your only cheatin' punishment is on the board, so if you happen to not have one available on the board they might realize they have a green light to cheat all they want.

All in all, it is solid for a base set deck!

Sep 11, 2017 mrbiofan12

Ahh That makes sense as a recommendation. Ill get a cheatin resolution.