Dude • Stud 3 • Influence 1 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 1

Whenever Ramiro joins a posse, pay 1 ghost rock.

If you do not or cannot pay, discard him.

"Hired guns aren't anything new. Never met one who charges by the bullet before." - Lane Healey
Neutral • Jonathan Moore • Base Set #47 | Weird West Edition #93
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Ramiro is a complete badass mercenary akin to Steven Wiles but more likely to stay around turn after turn.


  • Provides cheap starting muscle. You'll not find a cheaper 3-stud starting dude anywhere in the game so far! Steven Wiles might have the edge in terms of absolute value but he's a flash in the pan compared to Ramiro who will likely stick with you turn after turn. All other 3-stud shooters will run you at least 2 upkeep a turn. Ramiro is special in that he only asks 1 GR a turn assuming you don't ask too much of him. Ramiro is simply the most consistent 3 stud bullets you'll find in town and most outfits can afford to start him too!


  • Needs Hazard Pay. If a 0 bounty Silas Aims calls Ramiro's momma a cow while he's booted and you're out of money, he drops his guns and runs crying out of town. You'll often want to reserve some money on the off chance that Ramiro might be called out. This can put a hamper on your plans to get another deed or dude out!

  • Low Value means he is a favorite target of the ever popular Shotgun No bones about it when it comes to value targeting cards, Ramiro is going to be the first one the opposition is going after. Besides posting him to places like a Cattle Market he's likely going to be vulnerable unless you can reduce the shotgun user's bullets with effects like Sun in Yer Eyes, Unprepared, Pinned Down


  • He's most useful as a threat. The threat of power is often just as good as using power. Whenever possible you want to use Ramiro just as a threat because actually using him can get expensive fast! Lets take a look at a comparable 3-stud shooter Pancho Castillo. If you use Ramiro in 1 shootout every single turn he essentially has a total of 2 upkeep. For a mere more 2 GR more upfront you could have had a whole 1 extra influence to play with by using Pancho Castillo!

  • Make him a threat. If you want to make Ramiro a threat folks don't ever want to mess with give him a Shotgun! He's about the cheapest 4-stud shotgun user you'll ever be able to muster and he can erase commonly played dudes like Steele Archer and Sanford Taylor 3-bullet shotgun users could not. Station him at Charlie's Place with a Pinto and suddenly folks like Slade Lighbody, Barton Everest, and Travis Moone suddenly come under shotgun's merciless power.