Where are the fancy hats ?

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Willisbatman 34

So this is the updated version of my fancy had actor that played in the evil is a choice tournament one of the big weaknesses of the original fancy hat deck is he had no way to be a mobile stud so you have these huge draw dude sitting around and will take some Jank in order to get in position to properly lockdown Deeds I feel like this deck will do that better ironically it does not have fancy hats in it I still feel like Bethany's bumping up of dudes statistics with attire cards can work especially now that it's not diluted with people trying to also be shamans any thoughts of the build will be greatly appreciated

Sep 09, 2017 Harlath

Glad to see more work on this, which was already a good combination of theme and effectiveness. Could some mix of Pearl-Handled Revolver and Doomsday Supply help you fetch the former and your Bowie Knife to create more studs?

Sep 10, 2017 Willisbatman

My concern with adding doomsday Supply pearl handled revolver is that it takes the space of Knights Chasuble ( doomsday Supply lets you tutor so that's as a lot of utility to the toolbox) since I have play tested it a few times fight really well and that's great happy I cut out the Shammy as it slowed things down a great deal