Grimms' Plague

published Oct 11, 2017 | | |
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Tombstone_Frank 10

I am thinking of using this for the up coming Servitor Events. Using Grimm as the Servitor (on Jia Mein or Tattooed Man, depending on who to start) the deck is a combo condition spell-slinger idea I have been working on. Freddy is Aced for Soul Blast or Mark of Pestilence.

I have yet to play it, but I figured I would publish it here and let the minds mill over it and give me some ideas.

Oct 15, 2017 SavageJack_

Sight Beyond Sight + Grimme is one of the best combos for the Servitor because if you pull a Sight Beyond Sight while pulling for one you already have, you can ace your existing one and equip the brand new one without paying the Grimme-Tax. You wouldn't even need to use The Tattooed Man since Ivor Hawley and the Whateley Estate can bring them back.

Beyond that I don't know how a condition straight flush deck will pan out, if you get PTPT and Baird's in play you are pretty much hooped for 10s. Maybe just tighten up a 7-9-K or 7-10-K draw structure with a few Hex Slingin's in there for spice (Ezekiah is the patron saint of Hex Slingin' after all).

Also if you find that your starting posse isn't working out maybe try Valeria Batten instead of Theo and try swapping Jake for Agent Provocateur (Then you can play your expensive hucksters a little easier) or Ambrose Douglas (Reusing the Sanatorium is always fun).

Oct 18, 2017 Doowa

Will you reliably pull a straight flush without more stud then realistic in this deck? I’d consider more Comin' Up Roses if you’re not packing 2x15-6 as primary. Looks like a fun deck!

Also, only 4 starting dudes and potential low starting rock. I’d consider posse again or test this with a few intermediate starts at least.