Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 0

Noon: Discard a card to give Ambrose +1 influence. If you discarded a spell or Mystical goods, you may unboot your outfit and its ability may be used an additional time.

"For this sort of transaction, I don't take... money."
Fearmongers • Inna Vjuzhanina • Ghost Town #5
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Doomdog. 5/5. Cheap, and trading something not currently useful out of your hand for an influence is an amazing ability. Plus, if you splash him out-of-faction, his influence disappears at the end of Sundown so he won’t incur any extra upkeep costs. If you’re playing any kind of spell deck you’ll want to see if you can make room for this guy. He’s also a cheap filler for anyone running sevens and gets bonus points for being a creepy antiques dealer!

Jedilanni. 5/5. The only thing bad about this dude is he allows Fourth Ring decks another way to gain influence. Circus players love this card and most likely just slotted him into their non-Odett decks. If you’re looking to fill out your 7 spot you can splash him in to get a cheap 2 draw that can gain influence. He also allows you to use your outfit an additional time. Double Oddities or how about a two-fer of original Morgan?

Chefonk. 5/5. Cheap dude with an awesome ability. Discarding cards is an advantage most of the time and the additional influence is great by itself. Using your outfit again is really huge. All three 4th Ring outfits benefit greatly from using their ability again, but this does not mean you cannot play him in other factions as well. Because he lacks influence during Upkeep Phase, you don’t have to pay for him. You still get to turn cards into influence later in the round. If nothing else, he is a cheap dude on a value that does not have many neutral dudes. He made it into many of my 4th Ring starting posses.

Jhandy27. 5/5. Erm…Bonkers. that is all. So for 2 cost, I get a 2 draw with influence if I discard a card (there’s nearly always a card in your hand you don’t want or can’t play). Even assuming its a non spell/mystical god you discarded he’s still very useful. His synergy with the fourth ring outfits is incredible. He makes the original fourth ring able to cycle more cards and make more money or he allows the Sanatorium to give you even more influence and your opponent even fewer bullets. It is scary that he allows a Paggy, himself, and a Brute to go and take your deeds for the win. He will be in the majority of fourth ring decks for sure.

Nu_Fenix. At first glance, discarding a card for a temporary influence didn’t interest me. But his kicker of being able to unboot your outfit, along with 7 being a strong value means he can be added to many decks. Desolation Row using Hucksters? Blessed Abram’s Crusaders? Almost any 4R deck? I see him making an appearance in more than just 4R control.

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I want to love Ambrose. As a dedicated Fourth Ring Player, I was underwhelmed at him when it was realized that he was our only dude in Ghost Town.


Because Ambrose is amazing, but not for Fourth Ring. Sure, he helps Fourth Ring, his ability is good, he's an ok value, he has bullets, can have influence, and doesn't have an upkeep.

You know what else he's good in? What he's... actually better in?


He is everything that a landslide deck is after. Cheap, no upkeep, influence, card cycling. It kills me that they continue to support Landslide.