Full Moon Whateleys

published Oct 29, 2017 | | |
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Full Moon Whateleys 1 0 1

ChanSterling 24

First draft!

Oct 29, 2017 Harlath

Very tight on starting GR, so might be worth dropping Funtime Freddy? This is a bit risky, but there's a reduced need for a back-up stud thanks to Zeb Whateley-Dupont - you could add a 1GR dude to catch bullets instead?

That said, GR might not be too tight given the looser draw structure. :)

Oct 30, 2017 ChanSterling

Fun fact, we made a very similar change after posting this. We ended up shifting to Valeria as a starting dude while dropping Freddy and Black Owl. Updated list has been uploaded.