Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 0 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 0
Abomination • Huckster 0 • Grifter

React, Boot: At the start of the game, ace Freddy. Search your deck for two different Hexes and reveal them. The player on your left chooses one to ace. Attach the other to one of your Hucksters (paying all costs). Discard a card.

Fearmongers • Riccardo Rullo • Frontier Justice #1
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Funtime Freddy is a faction grifter for the The Fourth Ring. He is a cheap stud, a huckster, and an abomination in the faction that cares about having all three. His react ability aces him, but it is most certainly not an ability you will want to use unless you feel you need to. He might be a bit of a trap for new players in that they will only use him when they have no hexes in their opening hand. There is merit to using him to get some hex redundancy, and even for a bit of deck thinning.

The only downside to Fred is his lack of influence, though if you plan on aceing him anyway that isn't much of a downside.

Not for every deck but a good alternative to Genesee "Gina" Tailfeathers and Travis Moone.