Probe - Peacemaker Series (1st @ 2-1)

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jordan caldwell 369

Decided to run with this deck for our Berkeley Peacemaker, being that I have had a good time playing it casually, as well as for The New Years Revolver (and how folks seem interested in it from those reports).

Pretty tight structure (3 off-value jobs - that's it), in case the gadgets don't show, but basically, this is your pretty standard Science deck. Like to build up for a turn or two, then hit town and drop CP in 2-3 pt bursts (Hellstromme, Miasmatic Purifier) to seal a win from an unexpected defeat.

I often find that discarding the first Outgunned (using Stewart Davidson or the home) facilitates setup, then actually playing the 2nd or 3rd you draw in the mid-to-late phase of many games (once your gadgets have started to flow), as being a surprisingly consistent management of resources.


Game 1 vs. Tom's "Super Mario" Desolation Row + Stone deck. This game was over in 15 minutes. A couple skirmishes in the Townsquare with me taking acceptable casualties and keeping Tom's dudes at bay. Then Tom gets to 7 CP on day three to my 6 INF, cutting my chances short. 0-1.

Game 2 vs. Alex's Straight-Flush Sloane Holster out of Desolation Row (no Servitor). Alex wins his first few jobs then get greedy and uses Backways to drop a booted Sloane on my 2 CP Epidemic Lab. At nightfall, Agent P turns into Hattie Delorre, and the next morning Sloane either has to retreat or fight at a -5 bullet penalty. Alex chooses to fight, and loses, sending his dudes home booted, and with me having used the home ability to drain Fred Aims' influence, is defeated by my 5th CP. 1-1.

Game 3 vs. Stefan's net-decked Jayjester Morgan Regulator Stone deck. The Grey Man wanted A Piece of the Action, and promptly takes the Townsquare. Meanwhile I build up some gadgets. We get in a couple fights, and not only does Stefan's Lemat Tricks seem unable to fire, he can't draw a legal hand to save his life. It's Not What You Know... tears down some of his dudes, Outgunned the rest. 2-1.

Tournament goes to me because although both Alex and I had gone 2-1, I had won against Alex in our matchup. Instead of doing a "cut", we cut straight into a lovely 4-dude multiplayer game with different decks (Victory Point + Mind Yer Own Business + Sequential Plays = "The Berkeley Boys Way"). Alex goes home with the Quarterman mat, Stefan with the Lawdogs flask, and Tom with the Peacemaker beer coasters. Good times.


Was hoping to push Quincy Washburne - perhaps the most useful Scientist amongst the Lawdogs' new gang - over the top into "Hero", before looking at the score and realizing otherwise...