Sharpshooter (PO6 '20, Round One)

published Jan 02, 2021 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

Almost a "one trick pony" deck but it functions quite normally even if your opponent doesn't let you pull it off. Try to get into a shootout with an 8-stud and use the LeMat Revolver to jump to rank 11. Use Doomsday Supply to repeat over multiple rounds! Bonus points if Elliot Smithson can have such a shooter pull double-duty on a day with Bad Company and Kidnappin'.

Jan 02, 2021 jordan caldwell

Potential changes W2DW: Sam Bass and Jack McCall for sure, maybe Willa Mae McGowan (Exp.1) and Cheyenne Club?

Jan 04, 2021 Prodigy

Love it - I don't see this as a 'one trick pony' so much as a standard-power level deck with an occasional massive joker up it's sleeve!

I think even without being able to pull off the LeMat-to-rank-11 trick, it will do pretty well vs most decks that aren't running The Bane of Most Jasper Decks

Jan 04, 2021 Prodigy

I just realized (too late) you said the same thing as me about the one-trick pony comment. I can read, I swear.

Jan 05, 2021 jordan caldwell

Bane of Most Jasper decks?!?

Florentino "Indian Charlie" Cruz laughs at you!

(um, starting from turn two onward...)

Jan 11, 2021 Prodigy

True, although maybe better to say turn 3 onward, as he's home booted turns 1 and 2 assuming 2 successful jobs.

Either way, Indian Charlie is a great choice for the deck! Even in Desolation Row decks, I'm often tempted to run my boy Barton Everest over Indian Charlie, even if I have no plans to cheat, but this is a clear case where Indian Charlie is better.