Morgan 7+8+9 Ghetty

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mplain 1642

Yet another version of the gadgets deck, this one starts James Ghetty rather than Lane Healey or Mario Crane.

7s - x13, 8s - x16, 9s - x12

Draw structure is much stronger here, and Straight Flush is still possible with Jokers. But you will lose lowball more often.

Hired Help replaced most of the Kidnappin's to keep Ghetty alive.

Flame-Thrower is more relevant in this build due to James' ability, but Mario Crane + Force Field is still a late game option.

So here you have it, three versions of the Morgan gadgets deck that work. Tweak the deck slightly depending on who you want to start: Mario Crane, James Ghetty, or Lane Healey.

The biggest problems is still the Clowns, as they can easily paralyze any one of them, and they can make Rémy forget... Morgans need someone like the Sheriff - high value, good influence and stud bullets. I know swider now starts Max Baine vs. The Fourth Ring, we'll see how that works for him :)