Law Dogs Straight Flush - First Draft

published Dec 17, 2023 | | |
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Kacheese 2

I am quite new and this is my first attempt at building my own deck. I would love any constructive criticism that you have to share.

This is my first draft at a Law Dogs straight flush deck.

The draw structure has straight flush potential from 3-9 and 15x5 and 15x7 as a back up

I planned to be aggressive and go for fast shootouts. In case my opponents are a more passive kind of deck, I put in several tools to deal with that: Bounty Hunter, Kidnappin', Curse of Failure, and The Judge.

I ended up with 7 Cheatin' resolutions in total.

Some of my initial thoughts are that I might have overloaded the deck with too many ways to force a fight at the cost of other tricks.

Dec 17, 2023 Prodigy

This looks like a very solid list! As is, I think it will fare quite well against most types of decks.

The draw structure is a little on the weak side if you want immediate aggression turn 1 - those 3 8's are great cards, but they do hurt the structure, which is already split between 2 styles (straight flush, and full house/4&5 of a kind).

Because of that, one of it's biggest weakness is that it really needs studs to shoot well. If you go into a fight with only Thunder Boy, and he gets sun in his eyes, the draw structure could very well give you a rank 2 or 3 - unlike a traditional 3-value deck that has a decent hope of shooting well even without any studs, or a straight-flush deck that is mostly clubs.

That said, the pearl-handed revolvers are awesome! I think 4 of them is the right choice. The Faster's are perfect for that as well. The 3 of clubs slot is a place we could add more stud power, which also gives some movement, but SIYE is such a strong card its hard to argue against it.

Economy is the other big weakness of this deck - if you don't find a deed pretty fast, you might have trouble affording much. Most of the non-starting dudes are expensive - maybe some of them can be swapped for cheaper dudes?

One non-conventional way to help find deeds quickly, and to help shore up the draw structure, would be to add the legend Lacy O'Malley. You can trim the 3 8's (or maybe keep the judge and drop the 2 deeds), and add a couple of clubs (24 clubs is about the lowest I'd ever go if considering a flush/SF structure, but this is just my preference). Then you cycle through your hand and quickly find a deed and the goods to equip dudes. That may cause you to add a couple of more LeMat Revolver's instead of the Pintos, as Lacy's biggest weakness is that you cannt keep cheatin' res in hand. You can also perhaps change out some of your forced-aggression clubs for more shootout clubs, because your chances of finding those remaining forced-aggression cards are greatly increased because of Lacy.

Sorry, I just love Lacy and thats just one idea - it looks solid as is, and I'd just suggest playing it and seeing where things go well, and where they dont, and adjust as needed!