Law Dogs 8+9 Gadgets

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mplain 1642

I've been playing Morgan gadget decks for some time now, along with swider, and now I finally decided to try Law Dogs. I like it so far, they are much better at shootouts, and even though their long-term economy is not that strong, I can usually finish games before it becomes relevant. The main advantage over Morgan is that here you have several strong dudes rather than a single uber-dude.

8's - x16, 9's - x14

Tommy Harden is the MVP of this deck (as in any other Law Dogs deck, I guess), he makes early shootouts vs. Sloane so much more favorable, and he's also a natural stud, so that the Holy Wheel Gun turns him into a very respectable shooter.

Mortimer Parsons is an excellend dude, providing decent influence and stud bullets, inventing gadgets, and escaping unfavorable shootouts. Sometimes I cheat and make my opponent suffer some casualties, then flee and let Tommy or Travis eat that Coachwhip.

Travis Moone is here instead of Gina because he's better at weilding Flame-Thrower, and he can cover Tommy in case my opponent has Shotguns.

Phillip Swinford helps cycle Jokers and other unneeded cards from your hand, and he can also weild a Flame-Thrower.

Telepathy Helmet is always helpful, of course, although in this deck you don't rely on it as much, because you usually have two or three good shooters, so if they disable one of them you're still okay.

Holy Wheel Gun is excellent, give it to Tommy and you now have two decent stud. If you find the second one, let Mortimer keep it. And don't forget to use its ability!

Flame-Thrower turns Travis and Phillip into fearsome obliterators. I usualy don't spend more than 1 gr on its ability though, as the fireman is the prime target for Suns and Whips.

Force Field is a very decent tool in this deck, as you have lots of hand rank manipulation, and sometimes you can even use it for janky combos with Mario Crane and Dr. Dawn / Eve Henry.

Mechanical Horse is here mostly because it's on value. You will usually not have enough gr to waltz around town freely, but its react ability helps Wendy join unexpected fights, all ready for action.

Bounty Hunter is the Law Dogs' equivalent of Kidnappin', helps you smoke out hucksters and high-influence dudes hidin' at home, soaks up some casualties, and sometimes a solo gunslinger can do some very serious damage all by himself with the help of It's Not What You Know.

Unprepared is one of the best shootout actions in the game, no worse than Suns or Pinned Down. Although maybe it's worth replacing a couple with Too Much Attention...

Cheatin' Varmint and It's Not What You Know work very well with or without Force Field, and can do some serious damage, on par with other decks' Coachwhip, Bottom Dealin' and Hex Slingin'.

Andreas Andregg and Dr. Dawn Edwards are my backup mad scientists in case Mortimer fails to get a cheatin' hand, or gets kidnapped. Might also be worth to add Kyle Wagner and/or Roderick Byre.

Eve Henry is hard to deal with for The Fourth Ring, they can't paralyze her reliably. Although I don't ever start her vs. the clowns, I should still be fine because I have several studs, plus Bounty Hunters. I chose her over Abram Grothe because I already play Dr. Dawn Edwards, so I was like, hell, why not.

Mario Crane can wreak havoc when equipped with Force Field and preferrably Holy Wheel Gun and Telepathy Helmet. I don't think it's worth starting him over Tommy, but his presence in the deck gives some additional late game options.

Angelica Espinosa is just another cheap gun on value, for variety's sake. Can be replaced with another Mario or Wendy or Dr. Dawn, although I find her low cost appealing.

Steven Wiles - I used to run 1x Wylie Jenks, but every single time I had him in hand and looked at his cost of 8 gr, I really wished it was Steven instead. In this deck Wylie is as much a dead card as an aced Steven.

Jan 14, 2015 db0

Liking what I see :)

Jan 14, 2015 db0

Only weak point I see is Mortimer. If your opponent kidnaps him early on, you may be forced to join an unfavourable fight, or end up with useless cards until you draw your next MS.

Jan 14, 2015 mplain

Well, in this regard he's no worse than any other mad scientist available to Law Dogs. At least he can get away from a Bounty Hunter, or if he gets paralyzed out of home. Kidnappin' is a pain, but it's not a reason enough not to play any gadgets at all. Still, might be worth adding Roderic Byre to the mix.

Jan 14, 2015 Otomo

Ha, I just built something very similar. Of course you'd beat me to it Mplain!

Jan 15, 2015 mplain

After having a heated discussion with Jason Giroux I decided to make some small tweaks and replaced 7♦ Blake Ranch and J♦ Jackson's Strike with 10♦ Carter's Bounties and Q♦ The Pharmacy to slightly increase the chances of drawing full houses. I also dropped Eve Henry for Roderick Byre as an extra backup mad scientist. I still like this verion more than 7+8+9 though.