Law Dogs 7+8+9 Gadgets

published Jan 14, 2015 | | |
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mplain 1642

A variation of my Law Dogs gadgets deck, this one focuses on 7's. I don't see any clear advantage of one over the other, so it all comes down to playtesting. Shootout structure is more reliable, but you win lowball less often, and I'm not sure it's a favourable trade-off, seeing how this deck is usually low on money.

7's - x12, 8's - x15, 9's - x11

Auto-Revolver takes the place of the Holy Wheel Gun. It's pretty much the same +2 silver bullets, and it's cheaper, although you lose the -1 ability.

Flame-Thrower becomes risky to invent, with all the 7's in the deck. Preferrably use Morgan Research Institute beforehand.

Kidnappin' and Pinned Down seem like such great cards, but honestly I don't think they are much better than Bounty Hunter and Unprepared.