6 Bobo

Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 1 • Upkeep 3

Bobo gains a bullet bonus equal to the highest Huckster skill rating in play.

I don't know where he came from, but that clown creeps me out.
Fearmongers • Larry Wilson • Base Set #7 | Weird West Edition #45
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Bobo is the card that made me fall in love with The Fourth Ring. I don't actually run him in my main deck right now but Im looking forward to trying him out in my abominations deck thanks to Faith and Fear. In the right deck he can be terrifying. Just as his ability states he works best in combo with a high huckster rating character such as Ivor Hawley and Smiling Tom. Ivor with a Hex brings Bobo up to a 4 stud and Tom brings him up to a 5 stud. That makes him one of if not the best shooter in the game that we've seen so far. This explains his high upkeep as you can take him into a shootout and see up to 9 cards without having to bring along anyone else. In a mirror match he can be a one turn guy you bring in to deal with the other guys Ivor Hawley or other heavy hitter. Just like any other card he works well when synergized well.