Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 3 • Cost 9 • Upkeep 2
Abomination • Huckster 2

While he has a Hex, Ivor gets +1 bullets, +1 influence, and +1 Huckster skill.

"Here in the fourth ring you will see wonders that will change you forever! Come one, come all, to our travelin circus!"
Fearmongers • David Hovey • Base Set #14 | Promos #105
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Superficially Ivor fits with most forth ring decks. High value, abomination keyword, and strong huckster skill are all nice. However, beyond that he's really not that impressive compared to other options. Even with a hex, he's only 2 stud, 4 influence, and huckster 3. That's enough influence to make him a target but not enough bullets to fend for himself. Plus, at 9 cost and 2 upkeep he's outrageously expensive for what you're getting. Most other dudes with that price tag will have a strong ability to make it more worth while, while Ivor gets a buff that is effectively useless. 2 stud isn't particularly scary, and the Huckster 3 buff is nearly worthless considering no halfway decent huckster deck would run hexes/values that a Huckster 2 couldn't reliably cast.

Bottom line: Unimpressive and not worth the cost.

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Ivor Hawley is one of the best dudes 4th ring has for building a deck around.

This isn’t the same Ivor.

Inexperienced Ivor, much like most of the base set dudes, is simply over costed for the roll he fills. However unlike those other dudes, he has an experienced version on the same value that not only does everything he does but also lets you vomit out abominations/hexes and comes at a discount.

It isn’t even that inexperienced Ivor is bad, 4th ring needs scary dudes that can ace with soul blast and shadow walk over with enough influence to steal a win, it’s just too bad that his future version fills that niche and is almost universally cheaper.

The only reason to take this version of Ivor over his experienced counterpart is for his +1 influence (once he has a hex mind you) and frankly the difference between 3 and 4 influence on a single dude isn't worth what you are giving up.