Dude • Stud 3 • Influence 3 • Cost 9 • Upkeep 2

If your opponent in Dave's shootout reveals a cheatin' hand and you do not, your dudes cannot be casualties this round.

"It's taking all he has to hold this town together. Let's see what happens when we start pulling on threads." - Jonah Essex
Law Dogs • Jonathan Moore • Base Set #24
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Dave Montreal is a strong card, but very expensive, and as a result rarely makes the starting line-up. His ability is quite defensive but useful in every shootout as a legal hand is nearly always possible with his bullet rating.

One tactic might be to use this ability to protect yourself from taking casualties shootouts s that are unfavourable, while hitting the opponent with abilities like Legendary Holster or Shotgun.

In order to get him into play it might make sense to use A Piece of the Action or Recruitment Drive to make him more affordable. Max Baine might also arrange a discount.

He combos with the Town Hall to reduce his upkeep, but this is obviously quite situational.