Deed • Control 1 • Cost 3 • Production 1
Private • Holy Ground

Controller Noon, Boot: Ace a card from your hand to gain 1 ghost rock.

"Reverend Inbody can stir the soul like no other." - Abram Grothe
Neutral • Brent Chumley • Base Set #57
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Very interesting card. Economically not a powerhouse, but very unique for the ability to ace cards from your play hand as a noon play. The 4th ring photogenic death deck uses this ability to ace dudes to trigger Undertaker, but any deck that uses Raising Hell may find this method useful. More generally, the ability to remove cards from your draw structure can make a huge difference in late game shootouts. You could build the deck with duplicates of cards that are powerful, but don't align with your draw structures, then ace the duplicates as they appear. so that by end game, you've got powerful cards in play, plus a lean, mean draw structure. A deck based around Legendary Holster comes to mind immediately, but any DMH deck, with at most 20 cards worth of draw structure, could definitely make use it. Ace in the Hole would be good to throw into such a strategy as well.