Goods • Bonus 2 • Cost 4
Weapon • Mystical • Unique

Shootout Pull, Boot: If the pull is lower than this dude's bullets, ace one dude in the opposing posse.

"Remember the holster is a tool to make you stronger. But your strength within must be far greater." - Jonah Essex
Neutral • Ikaan Studios • Base Set #98
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There are folks who say that holster is cursed, and I've heard more than one tale of a gamer who brought a deck abusing this card to a casual gaming night and next week found their friends didn't want to play the game any more...

In all seriousness, it's worth a warning. The Legendary Holster is an incredibly powerful card that has become increasingly easy to build decks around with the expanded card pool. The ability to ace any one dude in your opponent's posse regardless of their value, bullets, or grit, is absolutely insane. As a result many people dislike playing against Legendary Holster decks, especially because there are very few effective ways to counter the card.

If playing against the Holster, you need to find ways to either avoid the dude carrying it, boot it before it can be used or lower the bullets of the dude using it to increase the chance of a failed pull. Mugging can be an effective tool for slowing a Holster deck down - to prevent the Holster being aced by the job it will be defended, with the dude holding the Holster being first choice to satisfy any casualties in case of a shootout loss. Just beware that if they have a Doomsday Supply in play that Holster will be coming right back if it gets discarded.

If you're looking at building a deck that utilises the Holster, I'd suggest you take a look at this article on the Pinebox forums.

If you're the type of monster who would willingly side with the Reckoners, try running the Legendary Holster out of Morgan Stables. If you don't have the advantage of the first play on a turn, use cards like La Quema and The Stakes Just Rose to move your dude with the Holster into a shootout, use the home React ability, and instantly blast an opposing dude before they have a chance to lower your bullets or play Unprepared.

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Legendary Holster is an awesome card! It was underrated until A-2-3 decks came up. These decks have around 80% chance to succeed the holster pull since there are still rogue values (jobs and the holster itself). You may want to include 4-values like the costly Ambush if you can equip 3-bullet dudes (Ramiro Mendoza...)

Fighting with or against this type of decks is all about winning lowball because you want to ace someone first. I mean before your opponent can reduce your bullets, send you home, play Unprepared or even kill you with another Holster ;)

Attached to Angélica Espinoza it can be very frightening even though her ability makes you losing initiative. You will also want to abuse of grifter abilities to get the holster early. Travis Moone or The Fixer are good candidates.

I think this card is meta-defining since it forces to include cards and adopt strategies to counter it.

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Mugging aces the Holster if the job succeeds. Since it's Unique, it cannot come back in play afterward. So it will not just slow the deck down, it will stop it right away.

However, you can discard the dude who holds the holster as a casuality if you're losing the shootout, then it's simply discarded.