Goods • Cost 1

Cheatin' Resolution, Boot: One card in your draw hand changes to the suit and value of your choice.

"One works. Two work better." - Fred Aims
Neutral • Ikaan Studios • Base Set #81 | Weird West Edition #144
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I am rather fond of this card: It is cheap and on value for Dead Mans Hand decks.

Compared to the seriously punishing cheating resolutions like #Coachwhip or #Jaels Guile the cheating resolution effect is fairly weak in most situations. However, your opponent will probably be quite wary of cheating knowing that the Six-shooters are available in the fight. Of course, in a DMH deck, the cheating resolution might be exactly the thing you need to achieve the elusive DMH and a whole pile of casualties! Likewise this may be particularly useful in a deck aiming for Straight Flushes on lower values.

The Ace of Hearts has some expensive or highly situational choices: This is perhaps one of the best. I think in many decks it will mainly be competing with the Outlaw Mask for the slot.

Noets from the official FAQ v0.8:

 If this makes your hand illegal and you have not been hit by a Cheatin’ card this draw hand, you may now be.

 Can be used during lowball.

 If the modified card is discarded, it immediately reverts to its original value for the purposes of any effects that check the value of the discarded card.