Goods • Cost 2

Noon, Boot: Move this dude to the same location as a wanted dude.

"One of those fellers gets your scent, you ain't gettin' away lest you shoot it. Of course you do that, you may as well get your own rope." - Silas Aims
Neutral • Ikaan Studios • Base Set #82 | Weird West Edition #146
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Bluetick is a card that adds an interesting movement mechanic on a 2-value that currently lacks horses.

Outlaws beware: Law Dogs can readily use this to catch up with your wanted dudes across town!

Although some crafty outlaws may note that with so many wanted dudes in their posse Bluetick allows them the ability to concentrate forces where a wanted dude is.

As a Sidekick Bluetooth can help keep your dudes alive at a pinch. That said discarding a 2 cost card hurts badly, so it had better be worth it!

There is an interesting synergy available comboing Bluetick with #Requiem For A Good Boy, also available on the 2-value. The effect is situational but offers an interesting way to turn around a shootout gone wrong...