Goods • Bonus 1 • Cost 2

This dude cannot be changed to a draw, and cannot have their bullets lowered by another player's Shootout ability.

"I wish I could say it brings me peace, or that it brings it to those I am forced to ise it on. The one thing it brings, is justice." - Abram Grothe
Neutral • Ikaan Studios • Base Set #83 | Weird West Edition #148
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+1 to bullets is always a welcome bonus.

Gives protection from Sun In Yer Eyes, Pinned Down's bullet reduction, Unprepared's bullet reduction, Blood Curse's Shootout ability,


A 2 value means you'll need to concentrate your draw structure somehow with 2s, which besides Law Dogs, aren't exactly prevalent dude wise yet. See Darguth's deck from November 26th to see a good example.


A bullet boost, protection from bullet reduction, and making sure your stud stays a stud is all yours for 2 ghost rock. Just like Pearl Handed Revolver, in the right hands, can be pretty effective.

Rating: 3 / 5