Action • Cost 0

Noon: Choose one of your dudes. Other players cannot choose or affect that dude with Shootout abilities.

Neutral • Abrar Ajmal • Base Set #118 | Weird West Edition #226
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The closest thing you can get to anti meta in the current(as of January 2015) game. While easily looked over in the 5 of Clubs slot in leu of Pistol Whip, this card is a hidden gem. Why? Simply, because after using it, your opponents won't be using pistol whip on that dude for the round, along with Shotgun, Legendary Holster, and every other shootout action in the game.

If you plan on running a deck which involves keeping a low value dude alive as the win condition cough Allie Hensman cough, this card will make that possible, as well as ensuring that the ultra powerful shooter you've been ramping up doesn't go to waste due to one or two simple actions.

Seems the 5 of Clubs slot is a lot more complicated than it may first appear.

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I've actually gravitated to Hiding over Pistol Whip because of how many problems it solves. It's especially a monster bomb to drop on a big stud at home. Let's them move around with near impunity and if you are facing a deck that NEEDS shootout actions to compete, can be a game swing card.

Many people gloss over it in favor of Pistol Whip (which is amazing as well) but if you are finding your guys a little too vulnerable to certain shootout actions, give Hiding in the Shadows a try!