Action • Cost 0

Noon: Boot a wanted dude.

Noon: Boot a card worth one or more control points.

"You must be more cautious, Tyx. There is too much at stake for these kinds of mishaps!" - Ivor Hawley
Neutral • Larry Wilson • New Town, New Rules #21 | Weird West Edition #247
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The only problem with this card in in the top left corner, it has to fight against Unprepared for space in any deck.

I have gotten good use out of this in Law Dogs focusing on Noon Phase control in order to keep troublesome dudes from even showing up at the fight (or being able to call my dudes out).

I have also used this to boot deeds to surprising effect. Boot a Circle M Ranch to stop the card draw. Boot a Carter's Bounties before the big fight.

Even if you are not running Law Dogs, there are a number of effects that put control points on dudes - and the application of a little "Attention" can either serve to make them not cause you trouble (Jasper Stone / Darius Hellstromme) or get them booted in an unsafe location (Allie Hensman / Doris Powell)

So consider maybe mixing up your default 4x Unprepared and see if you can catch your opponent unprepared for your new tactics.