Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 1
Mad Scientist 2

Noon, Boot: Play a Ranch or Out of Town deed (as Shoppin'), or invent a Gadget. Reduce the cost by William's Mad Scientist skill.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet!'
• Stephen Najarian • Faith and Fear #11
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Oh my goodness. I just realised my game group have been playing William Specks totally wrong.

As per the official FAQ here: pineboxentertainment.com

"As inventing a Gadget requires a Mad Scientist to boot, William cannot also boot to reduce the cost of a Gadget he is inventing."

We have been playing it that Specks could also do the inventing after booting, which I now see is garbage: Specks boots to reduce the cost of the invention, thus is booted and cannot invent, and so another Mad Scientist then has to be booted to invent the cheaper gadget!

No wonder my Morgan opponent always seemed to have the upper hand!

Clearly, playing William Specks correctly nerfs Morgan Gadget decks significantly, as if Specks is used to invent he is limited to paying full price. He is still a strong card and very useful starting dude, but no longer quite as overpowered as when misplayed.

So in essence Specks ability when used to invent allows you to invent a gadget onto any of your dudes, anywhere, inventing with a different Mad Scientist.

Combos well with Currency Press, Arnold Stewart and Decimator Array