Dude • Stud 0 • Influence 1 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 1
Mad Scientist 0

While Jen has a Horse, she gets +1 influence.

While Jen has a Gadget, she gets +2 bullets.

"I'd like to see you mount these guns on a 'real' horse."
Entrepreneurs • Mirco Paganessi • Faith and Fear #12 | Weird West Edition #28
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No clue why Jen wants to ditch that sweet ride for a normal horse and sadly for her that will rarely happen. That being said Jen is a great starter in any gadget deck with a few Gadget Horses.

Pros: Not only does she cost only three money but you are rewarded with a two stud two influence dude for something you’re doing anyway. Then on top of that you get Mad Scientist 0 that can be your backup if your main Scientist dies. Lastly the zero to hero aspect can really pay off as losing her won’t cost you much until she is equipped giving room to recover or capitalize depending on what the opponent does.

Cons: The first and biggest problem is if you do not have a few horse/gadgets frankly she is not even worth a look. Next is Jens low value of five and its ok as a starter but it’s still in the range of any serious shotgun/paralysis type deck. On the bright side cards like Slight Modification and mechanical skeleton that can provide some protection. Next is the upkeep of one means if Jen is unequipped getting in a shootout or sitting at home makes her a waste of money.