9 Prayer

Action • Cost 0

Noon: Choose one of your dudes, who can attach Miracles as a shootout play and at any location. If the dude is not Blessed, they gain Blessed 0, but must discard all attached miracles after Sundown.

"As I lay me down to sleep…"
Neutral • Char Reed • Faith and Fear #39
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This card should have been a condition that stays attached to a dude making them a blessed 0 OR increasing their blessed skill by 1 in addition to allowing for attaching miracles as shootout plays and at any location. That would have made this card an auto-include in miracle decks with it being on value with strong miracles and strong blessed dudes. As is the utility is too limited since it ends after sundown.

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@Pintyhet: the only time you must discard the Miracles after Sundown is when the dude you attached the Miracles to was not Blessed prior to the card. The way I read it, if the dude was Blessed prior to the play of this card, then the dude will get to keep those miracles.