Dude • Stud 0 • Influence 2 • Cost 8 • Upkeep 2
Mad Scientist 2

Repeat Noon, Pay 1 Ghost Rock: Make a Mad Scientist skill test against a difficulty of 10. If successful, unboot one of your dudes at this or an adjacent location.

"Fortune Favors the prepared mind."
Entrepreneurs • Larry Wilson • Frontier Justice #6
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Expensive dude that doesn't give a lot of bonus to combat and with middling influence puts him at an awkward spot. Mad Scientist 2 is very good, especially with is repeat ability. In a deck that gets their economy going you can get some combo's going with cards like Mario Crane mixed with Flame-Thrower create a repeatable assassin to go out and get into fights that you pretty much cant lose as long as your economy holds out.