Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 1 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 0

Noon: Discard a card. Move one of your other dudes from this location (without booting, even if booted).

"When I saw what they did to that poor girl, I had to step in. She's been a daughter to me ever since." -Forster Cooke
Anarchists • Biagio D'Alessandro • The Light Shineth #4 | Weird West Edition #15
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An Anarchist starting posse staple and for good reason. Asakichi might not bring much to the table bullet-wise, but her ability is loaded with utility, especially in decks that want to out-maneuver their opponent.

When crafting your hand early game, Asakichi's ability is worth using even just to clear bad cards out of your hand to allow for more draw the next day. I know I've had days where I just sent a dude to town square and immediately booted them home just to get the discard.

That being said, the movement ability is really versatile in a lot of situations. Sending a dude from your home or town square to a contested deed In or Out of town without booting can be exactly the play you need to get somewhere before a key noon ability on a deed goes off or tip the numbers of an imminent shootout in your favor. She can also help to pull a booted dude in a vulnerable position out of the fire, sending them home or somewhere they can be backed up.

A strong choice all around, while also being a body you don't mind too much losing as a casualty if the going gets tough.