Outfit • Wealth 17 • Production 3

Your starting posse may contain up to two Grifters. Your Grifters each have their cost reduced by 1.

React, Boot: When draw hands are revealed, add 1 bounty to one of your Grifters to increase your hand rank by 1. Your hand is considered illegal. Gain 1 Ghost Rock.

Outlaws • Jose Vega • The Light Shineth #3
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*When using multiple grifters, all grifters must be used at once - then the next players uses both of theirs (if each player has 2). This is referenced twice by the rules team:

www.alderac.com and www.alderac.com

*This home ability applies to all grifters in your deck - for starting posse, for the cost of playing a grifter, and for grifters in play. All 3 situations have their cost reduced by one.

*The react ability on this home makes your hand illegal AFTER hands are revealed, therefore if you are a Den of Thieves player and you originally reveal a legal hand, cards like Barton Everest, Tommy Harden, and Flight of the Lepus all consider you to have revealed a legal hand, even if you use the Den's ability.

*Remember that you have to have a grifter in play in order to use the React ability. That grifter does not have to be in the shootout - it can be anywhere in play.