Dude • Stud 0 • Influence 1 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 0
Kung Fu 2

Noon, Pay 1 Ghost Rock: If you have less ghost rock in your stash than each other player, unboot Carlton.

"I learned more in one day with Master Fu than in all my time at Oxford."
Anarchists • Larry Wilson • Ghost Town #1
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From gomorragazette.com

Doomdog. 3/5. The 108 get a third Kung Fu dude at the 7-value. As sevens will cause most of the lower value Kung Fu dudes to fail technique pulls, you’ll probably want to start him, but his cost means he’s an expensive starting option. This is offset by his lack of upkeep and the wealth of cheap starters the 108 have available to them, so starting him isn’t too prohibitive. His ‘Robin Hood’ ability lets him unboot, always a useful ability to have. His ability synergizes with Rabbit’s Deception, and with Kung Fu 2 he really should be getting into fights and using taos. His stud bullet makes me want to use him with the Zhu Bajie taos, but his bullet rating really needs boosting to reliably pull off the combo. He doesn’t strike me as a dude for a slide deck. They wouldn’t want to start him and paying six for one influence doesn’t seem like a good deal.

Jedilanni. 2/5. With his kung fu and 0 upkeep he could slot into a starting role in 108 decks. The mobile influence for the 108 slide build will be where he sees the most play with his ability to pay a ghost rock and unboot.

Chefonk. 3/5. He is pretty expensive but at least has no upkeep. In a dedicated kung fu deck out of Worldly Desires, you probably have to start him because of the rather high value which limits your other choices especially with Companhurst’s as a viable alternative. Value 7 and kung fu 2 is really good so depending on what other Taos we will see in the future, he will surely increase in usability. Right now you can include a couple of higher value cards in your regular kung fu deck when starting with him and other high value kung fu dudes like Bai Yang Chen, Shizeng Lu, or Yunxu Jiang. I can also see him as part of a Bandit-slide deck. Although you should probably really reconsider paying 6 GR for only 1 influence, the ability to annoy an opponent even more with movement and unbooting is nice to have. Only his cost precludes a higher rating.

Jhandy27. 3/5. First thing to note about Carlton is his value plus kung fu skill effectively makes him a 9 value. This allows for all sorts of flexibility when building a consistent kung fu deck as it allows one to run 7s and 8s. (Something you cant really do if starting Xui Yin Chen or Longwei Fu). I could happily have a starting posse of Carlton and Yunxu Jiang along with others giving kung fu access to kidnapping and techniques which can be a dangerous combination. Unbooting is good. Simple as that. The fact that it only costs 1 gr and allows the 108 player to manipulate their gr to meet worldly desires condition is as synergistic as you could ask. Plus he’s a stud with 1 inf and 0 upkeep. He’s gonna be played a lot as both a starter as well as in decks.

Nu_Fenix. A no upkeep stud with 1 influence, and Kung Fu 2 as well to give him viability for using techniques, I would use him in 108. Whilst his ability to unboot relies on having less GR, that could be done by simply Shoppin’ for something expensive enough to reduce you.