Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 2 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1
Blessed 1

While in the town square during an in-town shootout, Lucretia may use abilities on her Hymns as if she were in your posse.

"If she ever sang a dirge, folks'd be lining up to die." -T'ou Chi Chow
Anarchists • Biagio D'Alessandro • Ghost Town #2
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From gomorragazette.com

Doomdog. 4/5. Ghost Town gives us Hymns, a new keyword for Miracles. Lucretia is the second Blessed for the 108 and a talented singer! Stat-wise she’s solid. Use 108 movement tricks or a swarm of dudes and you can safely park her in the town square to make the most of her trait. With only the one hymn at the moment, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be using that aspect of her often. I’m not going to complain about another option for 108 Blessed as they’re a lot of fun to play and she’ll only get better with more hymns. She’s also likely to pop up in 108 slide decks as a reasonably costed 2 influence dude.

Jedilanni. 3/5. Blessed in 108 not a bad thing. For Lucretia only being able to use hymns could be good later, but right now Onward Christian Soldiers (see below) is the only Hymn in the game. At least she has good influence, cheap upkeep, and her initial cost is cheap.

Chefonk. 2/5. Good stats, but her trait is useless right now. The only currently available Hymn is mediocre at best and not a reason to play her in order to use the trait. If we see more Hymns or Blessed in 108 Bandits, it might open up a little sub theme as there are some miracles worth playing even if not focused on them. Bandit-slide might play her for the influence, if there is enough room. She will most likely be the first dudes that gets replaced if someone better comes along. But the fact that you can play an Italian opera singer and perform in the middle of the town remains a huge plus.

Jhandy27. 2/5. Stat wise, Lucretia is very solid with 2 influence for comparatively little ghost rock and upkeep. She’ll find a way into slide for her stats alone. Not a whole lot to say about her for her ability yet as its entirely dependent on how strong the hymn miracles are going forward.

Nu_Fenix. Whilst I’ve been wanting 108 to get more Blessed, her ability having the double restriction of only Hymns (of which there is currently only 1) and occupying town square really put me off her.