Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 0

Noon Job, Boot: Mark the Town Square. If successful, search your discard pile for a Sidekick or Horse and attach it to one of your dudes, reducing its cost by 2.

"No one knows why critters like him so much. Must just have one of those faces." -Laughing Crow
First Peoples • Ramon Puasa Jr. • Ghost Town #4 | Weird West Edition #59
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Doomdog. 3/5. Francisco is the Eagle Wardens’ very own Disney princess. The Wardens get another 0 upkeep dude with influence to add diversity to starting posses, though he does have quite a high cost and isn’t super-useful outside of a horse/sidekick deck. How much use you’ll get out of him depends on how well you can hold the town square, but you’ll probably get away with running his job as your first action of the game to get a horse or sidekick into play if you saw one during low ball.

Jedilanni. 3/5. He might be a Disney princess to Doomdog, but to me he seems to be a Weird West Radagast. In a sidekick deck, he will see play, but outside of that I don’t see him being a starter. His value puts him into an already great value with Steven and Enapay. He is a solid as a no-upkeep stud with influence who fits well into draw structures and can shoot if you need him to.

Chefonk. 3/5. 1 influence, 1 stud bullet and no upkeep are solid stats. He might see play just because of this. Other than that, his ability is straight-forward going with the new sidekick sub theme. Grabbing a sidekick or horse from your discard pile shouldn’t usually concern your opponent, so the job most likely goes uncontested. But then again, it’s really not that strong in return. Right now I am not seeing the general game plan of a deck built around sidekicks. That said, he sure is a good starting point. Hopefully there will be a few more action cards that support this archetype. Until then, he is a solid dude in niche decks.

Jhandy27. 3/5. Cost wise, he’s a tad expensive (e.g. Tommy Harden) so it is the ability that we’re looking at to provide value (I again refer you to Tommy). Francisco allows you to recur horses that have been lost in low ball and shoot-outs while usually reducing their cost to zero. While strong, I’m not sure about the requirement to mark the town square. This job can be incredibly brave against some decks or easy as pie against others. The requirement for a horse to be in the discard pile means you probably won’t be looking to start him as he’s just expensive if you don’t have a horse in the bin. Overall, I think he can be useful if in the right place at the right time.

Nu_Fenix. I have always been a fan of recursion in card games. There are enough horses and sidekicks costing 2GR or less (14 currently), giving him plenty of choices to work with. Town square jobs, however, make me twitchy. Send in too few dudes, and your opponent could oppose and kill off your dudes. Send in too many dudes, and your opponent will happily watch you send them home booted, and then move over to sit on all of your deeds. I am tempted to try him in a deck using Personal Ornithopter, so only he goes in but backup is only 1GR away.