Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1
Kung Fu 1

Whenever Mahogany joins a posse, discard the top two cards of your deck.

She's a one woman wrecking crew... and Gomorra ain't gonna know what hit it!
Neutral • Mario Wibisono • Ghost Town #11 | Weird West Edition #95
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From gomorragazette.com

Doomdog. 4/5. If you want another body to fill out your fives in a 108 Kung Fu deck, then “Mahogany” is the dude for you. She’s also a natural stud, which is something 108 lacks at that value. She opens up the possibility for Fu in any faction, though as the only Kung Fu drifter you’ll probably want to draft in some 108 dudes to help out. Bonus points for the 70’s Blaxploitation movie vibe.

Jedilanni. 3/5. All outfits now have a dude to run Kung-fu with opening up crazy decks. In 108, a stud is a bonus and her ability to discard cards from your deck is a boon not a drawback.

Chefonk. 3/5. Being a neutral 5 value dude with reasonable stats makes her useful and necessary. She is on value with one of the Rabbit Taos. Dedicated 108 Bandits kung fu decks will probably play her as a filler, but other decks running 5s also benefit from her. Her ability is nice to have but not essential. When you need more dudes in play you probably will not be disappointed drawing her as she is a stud, not too expensive and has 1 influence. What Doomdog said about the 70’s pop culture reference.

Jhandy27. 2/5. I think Mahogany Jackson is going to be quite strong in any kung fu deck running the 5s and lower as she can pass those Fu checks. Her stats alone happily slot into most decks that run 5s without worrying about her text box. Overall, she’s a utility card that won’t make a deck top tier, but will help it tick over.

Nu_Fenix. I don’t feel wowed by her, but I don’t feel disappointed by her either. Her trait only benefits if martial arts by discarding techniques you want in the discard pile. Still, she hits hard enough to make a difference. You don’t have to use her with martial arts. But I feel that if you’re not using her for Fu, there are other dudes you could use instead.