Dude • Stud 3 • Influence 0 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 1
Grifter • Experienced 1

React, Boot: After an opponent draws a card (into their play hand) from a card effect, draw two cards.

"And here y'all thought I was a one-trick pony. But I've always known... I'm the real deal."
Neutral • Marcel Stobinski • Ghost Town #12
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From gomorragazette.com

Doomdog. 5/5. Looks like Travis has been practicing his gunslinging! Fives and sevens are both strong values for aggressive decks, so you could start good ol’ 5-value Travis for two ghost rock, grift to search for his experienced version, and then get yourself a 3 stud and be cycling a shootout value card back into your deck! Not only is Travis now legitimate shootout threat, he can get you card draw. Seeing more cards is rarely a bad thing. He’s still a grifter too, so you can use him with Den of Thieves, Monte Bank, and Hustled.

Jedilanni. 4/5. With card draw gaining more tools, he will definitely see play. A three stud with only one upkeep is a steal. Free, if you start the original grifter (OG). Fits well into any shooter deck using 7s’ since you won’t want to use him as a starting grifter.

Chefonk. 3/5. Nice filler for the 7 value if you start with Travis Moone and can keep him around long enough to overlay the new version. Other than that, he is pretty expensive for a dude without influence. His ability is good, but conditional and booting a 3-stud is a big cost you really have to consider. Being a grifter, he helps Den of Thieves decks which are probably use 7 as main value and start with the base version.

Jhandy27. 3/5. A lot of decks start Travis and always will. If you can run experienced Travis, then I would suggest it. I don’t like playing non-influence dudes in the deck, but for him an exception can be made due to his likely zero cost. I personally wouldn’t rely on his effect too much as it is reactive. If it happens, all the better. He’ll be seen in Sloane decks as they love 7s the most.

Nu_Fenix. A tremendous savings if you can upgrade from his starting version. I’m not a fan of a character with his bullet count and type with an upkeep but no influence. If I go to an opponent’s deed to scare or shoot them off it, I’d rather he was able to do it alone instead of having to bodyguard someone else. There is also his ability, which I’d be less likely to want to use due to his bullets. If he were still a 2 draw I would happily boot him at home to get 2 cards when you get 1, but for a 3 stud? That’s a tougher choice, and one I wish I didn’t have to make for his cost.