Deed • Control 1 • Cost 2 • Production 1

Controller Noon, Boot: Boot a Government or Public deed that you own or control on this street. If you booted a Government deed, give a dude 1 bounty. If you booted a Public deed, you may move one of your dudes (without booting).

Neutral • Grzegorz Bobrowski • Ghost Town #16
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Chefonk. 5/5. 2-for-1 deeds are always welcome especially when they are on a good value and have an awesome ability like this. Giving out bounty will be nice for Law Dogs decks with a slight government theme, but the movement is where this card really shines. Booting one of your public deeds is a small price to pay for moving any of your dudes from anywhere without booting to any other location. Let me repeat that. You can move any dude regardless of their location to any other location without booting. Movement wins games and this is on par with the most powerful movement cards we have seen until now. Sure you have to boot another public deed not to mention having one to begin with, but if you do, boy is it strong. Only a fourth of all deeds are public, but there are some really good ones you probably play anyway and the value of this card only increases as more public deeds are released.

Jhandy27. 4/5. This solves a big problem for me. What 3 of diamonds do I want to run along side my Yan Lis and Hustings if I want income. The ability is just icing. It’s going to be used quite often Law Dogs to lay down bounties. The deed’s real strength lies with the movement ability as movement wins games, not fighting.

Nu_Fenix. A 2 cost 1 production deed is quite common. Booting another deed is a very interesting ability. There are 5 Government, 13 Public, or 2 with both keywords (one which, Hustings, shares the same value) offers quite a few choices. Drow decks gain bounties faster, while Bounty Hunter or Judge decks benefit from another way to give bounties. The movement from a Public deed is the better ability for me, as non-booting movement to anywhere on the table is one of the strongest actions that you can do in the game.

Doomdog. 5/5. Law Dogs and Sloane will like the ability to boot a government deed to give someone a bounty. Anyone else will like the ability to boot a public deed to move one of their dudes. Hustings is on value for this while having both requisite keywords. The Orphanage is also both on value and a Government deed. Ol’ Howard could snag this, helping out The Arsenal since their lack of bounty generating abilities has thus far really held them back.

Jedilanni. 3/5. Law Dogs with Government synergy will love this, while other outfits will use the movement ability.