Deed • Control 0 • Cost 1 • Production 0
Ranch • Private • Core

You may start this deed in play in place of one dude.

Controller React, Boot: Before your dude makes an invention skill test at this deed, reduce its difficulty by 2. If successful, unboot the dude. If the invented Gadget was a Horse or Improvement, this deed gains +1 production permanently.

• Jeff Brown • Ghost Town #15
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Chefonk. 3/5. Playing gadgets has always required the built-in cost of booting the inventing mad scientist. Unbooting after inventing something is great for not losing too much tempo. Too bad that your dudes are stuck at the deed, so the tempo bonus that you gain from this remains questionable. Fortunately, gadgets such as Personal Ornithopter or Mechanical Horse help get your dudes where they need to go. The decreased difficulty is pretty much negligible as you need to be able to invent at other locations too, and your deck should still contain higher values. I think that the additional income, especially from horses, is deed’s strength. Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton plus the above gadget horses are often played and now they also boost your economy.

Jhandy27. 5/5. Move over Marty! I have a core deed now! This is a direct upgrade (in most scenarios) to Marty, since Marty was vulnerable to kidnappings etc., required Lucky to be regarded as “core”, and lacks this deeds economic engine. Entering play adjacent to your house makes it easy enough to defend. This is very strong. Obviously gadget decks will slot this, helping them become a deck to “gauntlet” against.

Nu_Fenix. Goodbye “Lucky” Sky Borne and Marty, your services are no longer needed. I get to make it easier to invent, unboot afterwards, and possibly get increased production as a reward. Why would a Morgan Gadget deck not use this every time? I believe that the value of 2 stops it making an appearance in non-Morgan decks.

Doomdog. 3/5. Howard Aswell begins to look a bit more useful. I don’t see this being played outside of Morgan decks, but it’s definitely worth considering for ones that use high difficulty gadgets or have lots of gadgets and need the unboot effect to maintain an early tempo. With this, the Gadgetorium, and Marty; one scientist could invent four times a turn. Inventing an Auto-Gatling or two and plus few Auto Cattle Feeders here and there could turn it into a hard to assault economic powerhouse deed. The problem it has is that Mad Scientists already have trouble making a strong starting posse, so will they be able to sacrifice a dude to start this?

Jedilanni. 4/5. If you play science you start this deed. If you are playing against this deed you take this deed over. Gadget deck auto include.