Deed • Control 0 • Cost 3 • Production 1
Public • Saloon • Core

You may start this deed in place of one dude.

While you are tied for the lowest ghost rock, you are considered to have less ghost rock than all other players.

Neutral • B.A. Miller • Ghost Town #18
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Chefonk. 3/5. I feel like this was printed because they realized 108 Worldly Desires should work if both players have 0 GR. Of course cards are well in advance, so this was probably planned during the design process of the outfit. It still feels like a cop-out. Regarding the card itself. it is a nice option if you are going embrace the Worldly Desires. With Xiaodan Li, Bandits can start with this plus 5 dudes, increasing the this deed’s usability. The increased income boosts your early game, but rembember to find a way of spending it before engaging in shootouts. Dudes like Sophie Lacoste and Carlton “Min” Rutherford help with that. Or you can start this and Longwei Fu. Use your income to play one cheap dude after another and throw them at the opponent wreaking as much havoc as you can with the outfit ability. Meanwhile, Longwei makes every one of your little chumps dangerous.

Jhandy27. 5/5. Well this is just plain amazing. It is immediately useful in Worldly Desires decks to trigger all of the dudes having the text “when you have less gr than your opponent.” This means that if you both have no ghost rock while YOU have this, you’re lower. The secondary usage for this is the well known bandit slide. The ability to start the game with 4 production is incredibility strong along with the fact it’s a saloon means that for 5 gr you can have both Clementine Lepp along with an instant safe haven to park her. Besides the production, you also get 2 influence and a control point that your opponent will struggle to move. This is going to be everywhere. Bandit slide becomes another gauntlet deck simply due to this interaction.

Nu_Fenix. The only Core with an income, so it feels like it really only costs 2 if you were to draw and play it on turn 1 normally. With the growing theme of rewarding you for having less GR than each opponent, I’m expecting this to be an instant hit in 108 decks.

Doomdog. 3/5. The 108 can still start 5 dudes and this thanks to Xiaodan Li. They also have plenty of cheap starters to choose from. Clementine and Forster Cooke will like this deed, and it could see play in 108 slide decks that want even more early production. It lets you benefit from Natalya, Shizeng Lu, and Carlton “Min” Rutherford’s traits/abilities when you’re tied for ghost rock. It gives you a less risky alternative filler saloon on eights if Cooke’s Nightcap isn’t working out for you.

Jedilanni. 2/5. What else can I say other than check out this thread