Action • Cost 1
Condition • Con

While this card is attached to your home, it has +2 production. Discard this card from your home after a Cheatin' Resolution ability is used against you.

Noon, Job: Mark your home. If successful, attach this card to your home.

Neutral • David Su • Ghost Town #33
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Nu_Fenix. Similar to Epidemic Laboratory, marking your home can be great at the start of the game. The further you get into the game, however, the riskier it gets. Like I said about Francisco Rosales, how many dudes you send into the job makes all the difference. I like that it only discards from your opponent using a Cheatin’ Resolution against you, and not simply from your illegal hand. If they haven’t got one to use, or wish to save it for later, you keep this card. Unfortunately, it’s hard to justify using this card when Pistol Whip and Hiding in Shadows exist.

Doomdog. 1/5. If you can get this in place early on it’ll provide a nice boost to your economy. Stacked shooters won’t find it sticking around too long as they often cheat in lowball. For slide it’s a dead card unless they get it in their opening hand, so it isn’t really worth the deck slot for them.

Chefonk. 3/5. Paying 1 GR for an additional income of 2 seems like a pretty good deal. You have to run the job first which means losing tempo by booting at least on of your dudes for this. On the other hand, you probably won’t face too much opposition while playing this. The major drawback is that this has to be discarded as soon as a cheating resolution is played against you. It is possible that you will gain nothing from this if you cheat during the next lowball. Most cheating punishment aims for winning shootouts, so you probably can manage to keep the income boost around for quite some time. I like non-traditional ways of developing an economy. I can see including one or two copies as an off-value, but it is nothing you should rely on.

Jhandy27. 4/5. I can see this being very strong for decks that run on 5s such as Sloane, since early production is always a good thing. Allowing your opponent to use a cheating resolution to get rid of it is a nice drawback to balance the card. This will definitely still see play, since buying more dudes means that you can have more fights. Has to fight Pistol whip, but I can see it winning sometimes.