Action • Cost 0

Shootout Technique: Discard the top five cards of your deck. Search your discard pile for a Tao of the Zhu Bajie and add it to your hand. Whenever this dude uses a Technique that reduces an opposing dude's bullets, influence, or value, reduce it by an additional 1.

Neutral • Ikaan Studio • Ghost Town #34
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Pigging Out is a fantastic card in my opinion. I wasn't convinced until I played it. With the additional bullet and value reduction it really becomes easy to set up big combos.

When combined with the Shotgun-Longwei Fu, who can play 5 Zhu Bajie cards in one shootout play, this can ace even value 9 dudes with relative ease if your discard pile is full enough. Shotgun-Longwei Fu can get 4 or 5 bullets while he gets the opponent 9 dude down to a value of 3 or A. Then ace that dude and still profit from your higher Zhu Bajie bullets throughout the rest of the shootout. That's impressive!

In addition to that, the finishing move Zhu's Reward can become even more devastating because of the higher value reductions from Raking Dragons.

The 6-club alternative Faster on the Draw (which has similar effects to Zhu's Ferocity) is less good for Zhu Bajie decks in 95% of the cases. Unless you are playing Deputies or your Kung Fu pulls aren't reliable, the only advantage that Faster on The Draw has is that it requires only one shootout play for it to work effectively, whereas Pigging Out requires two shootout plays.

What Pigging Out most of the time did for me in my Kung Fu deck so far:

  • Put more Kung Fu cards in my discard pile for Combo purposes
  • Give me one Zhu Bajie card into my hand for sure
  • Make my Zhu Bajie cards more powerful
  • Make my Zhu Bajie combos much easier to pull off

That's a lot of benefits for one card.

The only real downside Pigging Out has is that sometimes by discarding the top 5 cards this will result in having to re-shuffle the deck, thus making Pigging Out not worth playing in that situation. Then however I would consider not going into the shootout in the first place and wait for another turn.

Conclusion: If you're playing Zhu Bajie Techniques in your deck then definitely give Pigging Out a try. I put 4 copies of it in my deck and love it everytime time I draw it, as it gets me ready to go for my next shootout.

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Nu_Fenix. This provides an interesting answer to the problem of discarding your techniques when you haven’t got one to start a combo in a shootout. Additional reduction seems great, but without seeing it in action I wonder how much of a difference it will actually make.

Doomdog. 3/5. I’ve still not put much effort into the Zhu Bajie Tao as I much prefer Jade Rabbit if I’m going for Kung Fu. This looks like a nice support card for it, increasing the chances of obtaining a technique to start a combo. It also boosts the effectiveness of the Shotgun or Legendary Holster combos. Its value will be a problem for some of the low/mid value Kung Fu dudes, but with Carlton “Min” Rutherford joining the dudes at 7, Bai Yang Chen at 9, and He Fang at 10 you’ve got a few options for starters who don’t have to worry about it.

Chefonk. 3/5. It replaces itself with a kung fu action from the Zhu Bajie Tao from your discard pile in addition to even more reduction. The Zhu Bajie is most efficient when trying to ace dudes with shotguns, so this really helps targeting some of those higher value dudes. Unfortunately, this is not the issue the Zhu Bajie Tao has to deal with. It depends on too many factors to reliably work. Sure, this helps in negating some of them, but overall this is just a nice little boost. The card itself is nice, but the tactic that it supports is not the easiest to set up. Sadly, it competes with Faster on the Draw, doing the same if not more without the hassle of having to play the right kung fu cards first.

Jhandy27. 3/5. So this is meant to replace Hot Lead Flyin‘ in my kung fu deck? Maybe. I can see it being useful in a shotgun Zhu Bajie deck to try bring down those pesky 6 value plus dudes that can be out of reach of your shotguns. I can see this being used, but not sure about replacing HLF as that card can be too strong to pass up sometimes.