Dude • Stud 0 • Influence 0 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 0

The Haint has +2 influence during the Upkeep phase.

"Ever since I first banished him in South Carolina, he appears at another stop on my journeys, and I get paid to banish him again. It's a nice arrangement we have." -Master Shou
• Alan Pollack • Hell's Comin' With Me #4
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When I was working on this set, I wanted to do another Abomination for the Anarchists.

How to differentiate Anarchist Abominations from Fear Mongers? Fear Mongers are the Scary ones. And the Anarchists are the Creepy ones.

This little guy supports the economic theme of the Anarchists at a reasonable price without being cheap influence.

Important safety tip, using the Tombstone Haint out of faction means needing to pay for his phantom influence during the upkeep phase.