Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 0

Repeat Noon: Pay an opponent 1 ghost rock to move Rock to town square.

"Each town we stop in, he makes it a point to have at least one night out and visit every saloon in town, no matter how many there are." -Taiyari
Anarchists • Jonathan Moore • Hell's Comin' With Me #5
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I will admit to being a little worried in the design phases about Yet Another low cost, no upkeep Influence source for the Anarchists. But this is their only 0 upkeep dude on a 4, and an ability to help the Property is Theft home. And if anyone actually knows my style, I am all about the chess game.

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More movement for the Anarchists just makes the chess game so much more fun.

Can't imagine where the idea for the flavour text came from though.... ;-)

Without a doubt, definitely the best card ever published :-)