Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 2 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 1
Blessed 0

Increase Gabriel's Blessed skill checks by the number of your other dudes at this location.

"It doesn't matter if I believe this nonsense, I'll make 'em believe it for me."
• Amanda Hakim • Hell's Comin' With Me #7
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with the way this set was conceived, Gabriel is curious. Another playtester and I submitted this card, in slight variation. Combine that with the desired for a blessed for this particular member of the Wildcards team, and it was a shoe in.

We had to write the trait as a boost to the check without actually increasing his blessed skill because, for whatever reasons, existing Miracle designs reward the actual rating. No one ants to see 4+ bounty coming from a Prior Confession, or Get Behind Me, Satan! saving a whole posse.

But the boost can certainly enable passing difficult Miracle checks with lower value runs, and creating options is always worth the effort.