Deed • Control 1 • Cost 3 • Production 1
Private • Saloon

Abomination dudes at this location have +1 bullets and +1 influence.

"The veil between worlds is weak there. You may encounter spirits much fouler than tequila." -Valeria Batten
• Carly Sorge • Hell's Comin' With Me #34
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Trying to come up with cards to support Abominations is a balancing act, so easy to go too strong (when Abominations already have strong tactics), or so weak as to make a card be a waste of our limited production.

And what do abomination tactics usually complain about? Influence. So here is a little saloon that caters to a rather “odd” clientele.

Feel free to use those extra bullets to start a commotion. Or Rope and Ride someone into the slavering jaws of your unnatural death trap.

Or just be happy for a private saloon on seven.