Goods • Cost 0

Shootout: This dude gets +1 bullets. If you reveal a legal draw hand this round, hand ranks can only be modified by traits and Cheatin' Resolutions. Discard this card.

"Eat lead, ya varmint!"
Neutral • Paul (Prof.) Herbert • Hell's Comin' With Me #39
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Classic Doomtown had a number of cards with the bullet trait. Most were some sort of silver bullet solution to dudes with certain traits. Including them was a question of risk of a wasted card in some matchups vs an auto kill of, say, an Abomination.

The Magnum Bullets in classic inspired these. As did the myriad ways we have these days of pumping up hand ranks. These babies make short work of Force Fields.

And, for those interested in reliable value structures, this is a playable 3❤️ that you can easily roll back into the deck (for free even).