Goods • Bonus 0 • Cost 2
Mystical • Weapon

This dude is a stud.

Repeat Shootout: Boot this dude's Hex. This dude gets +1 bullets or +1 Huckster skill.

"In the end, not even Zeb's blue lightnin' could save him from an untimely death." -Papa Marias
• Anthony Grabski • Hell's Comin' With Me #38
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Akin to a Pearl-Handled Revolver, but more expensive. But it does trigger Mystical interactions.

And, if you are a shooting huckster, this can add up the bullets.

Mind you, I am fully aware this is a 2, which is a rare breed of value for a huckster deck. So this doesn’t carry the same nuclear deterrence as a Soul Blast in a high pulling deck. But what happens when your noon hex control lock down has a surprise slip through the net? Or a first action job before you can begin choking their position?

Or Blue Lightnin’ makes use of more conditional spells. Or to get that huckster skill boost needed to make a spell reliable. Or a sneaky way to ramp up the bullets of Bobo.

and allows José Morales to lock in the stud without giving up a slot that could be used for Corporeal Twist