Goods • Bonus 1 • Cost 1
Weapon • Gadget 5

Shootout, Boot: This dude makes a Mad Scientist skill check against an opposing dude's value. If successful, discard this card and and make that dude a draw.

A new way to tangle with the law.
• Paul (Prof.) Herbert • Hell's Comin' With Me #41
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Playtesters pushed back hard on my idea for a gadget weapon that removes Stud. Even though it discards itself when used. All of that concern really was hinged upon the scrounging scientist Janosz Pratt.

But this is a 4. and the ability requires a pull. And needs to be used by a mad scientist. How is this going to be useful Rich?

1) splash this in a higher value pulling deck so that you can neutralize bigger shooters more reliably.

2) run in a more mid range value gadget weapon deck, as there is usually a solid back up stud to wreck with a net gun. Heck, Barton Everest should already be in range.

3) use Prof. Aloysius Roe to pump the skill check.

4) look into some value lowering tricks like Stone Idol to bring that target down

yes, this is best in a situation where putting the 4 back into the rotation is not going to cause problems. Of course a savvy player could focus on the 4 value and capitalize on what going back into the deck does for the draw structure.