Spell • Cost 0

Noon/Shootout Hex 6, Boot: Boot a spell attached to a dude at this location. If this is a shootout, the spell must be in the opposing posse.

Noon Hex 6, Boot: Choose a dude at this location. Until after Sundown, that dude's influence is set to 1 (and cannot be modified).

• Unique Soparie • Hell's Comin' With Me #46
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for the first part, I wanted some way, outside of Unprepared to impact opposing spells. Like a spell targeting version of Phantom Fingers.

Then there is part 2

another element of the influence denial suite alongside Blood Curse - but only useful against dudes with greater than 1 influence.

or ... Use Mind Twist on your own Zero Influence dude(s) to take control of deeds, or just to stay in the game.