Morgan Gadgetorium - Aldershot Deputy 2nd Place

published Jun 09, 2015 | | |
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hehasmoments 127

Took down 2nd place at the Aldershot deputy tournament in the UK. I ignored the laughter in the morning when I announced I was playing Gadgetorium.

The deck shoots pretty well on 8s and 9s and can pick up a straight flush on diamonds from time to time.

My idea when building it was to try and be as flexible as possible, so hopefully to not fall down too much against any particular deck type. It can show some strong aggression and shoot pretty well, even early, which can add some surprise, its got some decent mobile influence, especially with a good economy set up using Mechanical Horse, to shift dudes about town. Kidnappin' was added as a counter to high mobility control decks with low firepower. It was my achilles heel and I think lost me both the 1 game in the early rounds and the final, my shooting deserted me at the wrong moments with some horror draws which not only took down a big chunk of my posse but seriously swung some GR bounty to both opponents.

It attempts to use the Morgan Gadgetorium ability every turn where possible and Chuān “Jen” Qí with a Mechanical Horse is an early turn combo in nearly every game.